Moles, lumps and bumps

There are thousands of conditions that can affect the skin – on the face and body – including various types of moles, lumps and bumps. Most lesions you will find on the face are benign, such as hyperpigentation (in the form of age spots) skin tags, warts and benign moles. Many skin conditions are easily treated with cosmetic treatments, but some can be life threatening if not found, diagnosed and treated early so it’s important to get anything you’re worried about checked out as soon as possible.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of any lumps and bumps or benign moles you can have them treated and/or removed. A mole (nevi) should not be removed and thrown away without histological analysis as you risk missing potentially dangerous cases that would require further treatment, so a thorough assessment of the mole will need to have been conducted prior to removal. Other common lumps and bumps men and women seek to have removed include cysts (e.g. acne cysts) some skin tags, warts, age spots and milia (white spots), to name a few.

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What are the causes of moles, lumps and bumps on the face?

For some of us as we age we see moles, lumps and bumps appearing which can be unsettling, especially if found on the face, but for many people they can be something that has been lived with for many years. Age spots obviously come as part of the natural ageing process to many men and women, but can also be a result of sun damage. On the other hand, moles can be present from our younger years and grow along with us, only causing issues in our adult life. Generally moles and lumps are more obvious are more obvious when they are raised and discoloured, a flat lesion is much less obvious to the eye and can be more easily covered with make up. Sebaceous cysts are caused by blockage of the gland within the skin. These cysts can sometimes become infected and very unsightly, therefore removal of these is suggested to prevent infection.

What is the treatment for removing moles, lump and bumps like?

The treatment offered depends largely on where and what the lump or bump is. Skin tags, for example, can be easily removed by cautery, while age spots may require several treatment sessions with an advanced laser. Whether you suffer with milia across your cheeks or acne, there is a cosmetic treatment that can help improve your confidence by giving you healthier-looking, clearer skin. We are all individuals, so a bespoke treatment plan to treat your issue will be devised to ensure you get the result you’re looking for. Moles and cysts can be removed with a small surgical procedure under local anaesthetic.

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If you provide a photograph of your lesion we can look and probably advise on the best treatment for you. We provide a one-stop service to look and remove obviously benign lesions. This is a self-pay service and pricing will include the histological review if indicated. Please fill out the enquiry form and send a photographs of your problem and we will get back to you with advice regarding appropriate treatment and pricing.

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