Oral lumps and bumps

There are many lumps and bumps that can affect the mouth and the commonest causes of these are:

  • fibrous polyps often caused by friction and repeated trauma
  • white patches these are areas of keratosis (thickening of the tissues)
  • small papillomas (warts)
  • mucoceles (blockage of minor salivary glands commonly in the lower lip)

These are all benign lesions that can be very simply removed under a short local anaesthetic. Usually the area is closed with some dissolving stitches after the lumps or areas of concern have been removed. There is a small risk of infection or bleeding following this type of surgery but healing is usually quite quick.

You should be more concerned if you have any non-healing ulcers/red or white patches or lumps that have been present over a month. Oral cancers now account for 1:50 of all cancers diagnosed, and if you have concerns you should seek specialist advice. Our team of Maxillofacial Surgeons are highly trained in recognising and diagnosing oral cancers and would be happy to consult with you if you have a non-healing lesion.

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