Salivary Gland Tumours

Salivary gland tumours can occur in all the main salivary glands and also in the minor salivary glands as well. By the far the commonest is the parotid gland tumour which is usually benign.

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Obstructive salivary gland disease

If the salivary gland duct is obstructed by either a stone or a duct narrowing (stenosis) it can cause swelling of the gland when salivary flow is stimulated. Swelling is therefore often noticed at mealtimes and subsequently settles within an hour or so.

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Tongue tie

A tongue tie is the tethering of the soft tissue underneath the tongue, which stops children or adults from sticking their tongue out.

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Oral lumps and bumps

There are many lumps and bumps that can affect the mouth and the commonest causes of these are:

often caused by friction and repeated trauma
these are areas of keratosis (thickening of the tissues)
(blockage of minor salivary glands commonly in the lower lip)

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Lip Surgery

For those looking to permanently improve the shape and size of the lips, implants can help you augment the lips to form a more balanced or shapely look. If it’s time to find a more long-term solution to thin lips, and you aren’t keen on fillers or feel you want to move on from reoccurring treatments, lip implant surgery could be the right solution for you.

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A frenulum is a tethering of the tissue between the lip and the upper teeth. A frenectomy (removal of the frenum) is often indicated if there is a gap (diastema) between the top teeth at the front. If you are having any orthodontic treatment to close the gap and you have a low labial frenulum, then this can stop the teeth from coming together and therefore a frenectomy is indicated to remove the excess mucosa from the area.

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Watch information videos on Salivary Gland Surgery from our leading experts

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