Split earlobe repair

Torn or split earlobes occur due to trauma, and in some cases from extended use of heavy earrings. Earlobes can be completely ripped and torn or the site of ear piercings can be widened or stretched. With the rise of fashion piercings and body modifications like ear plugs and earlobe stretching, there are more patients than ever – male and female – seeking surgery to repair split earlobes.

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Earlobe reduction

Earlobe reduction can alter the size of abnormally large, droopy or prominent earlobes. Designed to reshape or resize the earlobe to a more aesthetically pleasing proportion, earlobes can require reduction surgery due to their natural shape, size, or due to the natural ageing process. Earlobes tend to lengthen and become larger with age; reducing the earlobes so that they are proportionate to the size of the ear has a subtle but certain improvement in your facial appearance.

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Bat ear correction

Also known as having your ears ‘pinned back’, pinnaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to improve the overall appearance of the ears. If you are self-conscious about the shape or size of your ears, or how your ears ‘stick out’, then bat ear correction can help to augment the protrusion of the ears.

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