This is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance of a chin that is set either too far back or too far forwards. Before considering this procedure your bite should be reviewed by a maxillofacial surgeon to ensure that you would not be better off following a full orthognathic approach.

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Chin reduction

Some people feel unhappy with their chin if it appears excessively long or wide. For others it’s because it protrudes forward from their face and they dislike their profile. Many patients seek chin reduction surgery as they dislike their prominent chin drawing attention away from the rest of the face, or because it gives them a masculine appearance.

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Chin implants

There are many reasons why men and women of all ages seek advice for surgery to the chin or jaw. You perhaps feel that your chin or jaw is too small (or too big) and believe surgery might improve the appearance. If you have decided you have a problem with your chin or jaw then you should be assessed by an expert in all aspects of surgery of both the chin and jaws.

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Chin feminisation

There are distinct differences between a more masculine and a more feminine jaw and chin. A more feminine lower jaw is narrower, more pointed and shorter in length, with a more refined jaw line. Surgery to the chin and the jaw can transform a masculine looking chin and jaw line to a more feminine appearance. Chin feminisation is suitable for a larger squarer jaw looking for a more feminine appearance.

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