Our highly specialised team of facial surgeons is able to offer you a broad range of treatments as listed below.


This list is not necessarily totally inclusive of all the treatments that we offer. If you are seeking advice for a facial procedure that is not listed please do send us an enquiry and we can advise you further.

Often our patients may have complex problems either due to congenital deformities, previous trauma, tumours or previous surgery. This is where our clinic can really give you care that specialises to your individual needs. Additionally, we can offer an multidisciplinary approach for facial cosmetic surgery, if required.

Alongside our surgeons we have a number of other specialists with whom we also work, such as orthodontists, neurosurgeons, restorative or paediatric specialist dentists, and psychologists.

We very much believe in multidisciplinary and two surgeon operating, especially with more complex patients, this is the way you will ultimately get the best in patient care.

If you have any enquiry regarding the treatments that we offer, enquire here.

The Face Surgeons