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Martin Bell's Facial Injuries

Former war correspondent and MP, Martin Bell has praised Helen Witherow for the fantastic job that she has done on treating his terrible facial injuries, which were caused by accidentally tripping over a suitcase.

Martin spent years successfully avoiding serious injury in the line of fire as a war correspondent. But after years in this dangerous profession, he ended up with a dreadful facial injury by tripping over his suitcase at an airport. He fractured his top jaw, eye socket and the base of his skull.

However, we are happy to report that our very own Helen Witherow lead the maxillofacial team at St George’s Hospital, that repaired this brave gentleman’s face. He required major surgery involving four titanium plates and sixteen screws to repair the fractures. He also needed to have his nose set back in place.

Helen is delighted that Martin is on the mend after his horrible accident and all at The Face Surgeons Team wish him a continuing speedy recovery.