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Six risks you should consider with chin surgery

Six risks you should consider with chin surgery – our sliding chin genioplasty expert Caroline Mills discusses chin surgery risks with you.

chin surgery risks


  1. Infection and bleeding – With any surgery, there is a risk of infection and bleeding. Antibiotics are prescribed to minimise this risk. Occasionally, a haematoma may form – which is a swelling of clotted blood within the tissues. This can be uncomfortable until it subsides. We offer the use of cooling hilotherapy, which helps to reduce swelling and inflammation post surgery.


  1. Pain – this usually happens immediately after surgery and is normal. You will be given painkillers to help with this.


  1. Scarring – genioplasty and chin implants are normally carried out with an incision inside the mouth, so scarring is not an issue.  But if an extraoral approach is used, then an incision is made into the crease of the chin point in the upper part of the neck. This scar is not normally visible, once it has healed, but it is important for patients to understand that it is possible to suffer from hypertrophic scarring. This is an abnormal thick red scar and this type of scarring is a risk with any surgery.


  1. Numbness /nerve damage – There’s also some risk of numbness to the lower lip and chin and sometimes the front teeth can feel a little bit numb. This is because the nerve that supplies those areas can be stretched during the surgery. Usually it recovers completely but there’s a small chance of permanent altered sensation. With chin implants you can get some numbness afterwards because the nerves that come out of the jaw can get stretched over where the implant has been put in, but that’s unusual. And if you do get it, it should settle down relatively quickly.


  1. Asymmetry – We try our best to get patients as symmetrical as we can, but occasionally that’s not possible, and over time, the soft tissues adapt, particularly with the aging process. So initially, the patients may have lovely results but over time, the soft tissues tend to change and they may need some further treatment later on. It’s important to go through all the risks, and I think it’s very important for the patient to understand that asymmetry can occur.


  1. Dissatisfaction – It is important for the patient to understand that they may not be satisfied with the results of surgery. Revision surgery may be offered, but it is important to understand that revision surgery may also not give the patient the desired results.


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