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Rhinoplasty cost – What does it involve?

How much does a rhinoplasty cost ?

rhinoplasty cost


As discussed in my previous blog, rhinoplasty is undertaken for different reasons. This means that there is a range of rhinoplasty procedures available. These reasons all contribute to varying rhinoplasty cost. If you are having a straightforward rhinoplasty, these costs will be straight forward. However, if you are having a complex rhinoplasty, or a septo- rhinoplasty, then this starts adding to the cost, as more time and equipment is needed for these types of operations.


So, what adds to these costs and are they justified? Frequently, an naso-endoscopy is required for the more complex procedures. A naso-endoscope is a small camera that enables the surgeon to see deeper into the nose so that they can perform the procedure with greater precision. Endoscopes are expensive pieces of equipment that can only be used once – on a single person. This is for the obvious reasons of health, safety and hygiene.

If a you are a patient who needs a complex rhinoplasty, then you may need what is called a cartilage graft harvest. This is where the surgeon removes some cartilage from another part of the body, usually the ear and uses this to help reshape the nose. Another type of harvest, is a temporalis fascia harvest, where the surgeon takes tissue from the overlying tissue on the skull. Harvests can also be taken from the ribs. These harvests are delicate procedures that can take time for the surgeon to perform. This also contributes to rhinoplasty cost.

If you are a self-funding patient, then the type of rhinoplasty that you need will determine the cost of your procedure. Remember that you are an individual, and your procedure will be unique to you. This makes it difficult to obtain a straight forward quotation for surgery before you have consulted with your surgeon.

As a self-funding patient, you will have your costs split into three parts. The surgeons fee, the anaesthetists fee and the hospital fee.  You will need to bear this in mind when considering a rhinoplasty. These three costs are frequently made to each part separately. So, you will pay the surgeon their fee, the hospital their part of the fee and the anaesthetist their fee. You need to make sure that you understand who is charging what from these three different providers. Additionally, you will also have to pay for pre-operative tests. The normal requirements for this are standard blood tests and an MRSA swab. However, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, the surgeon or anaesthetist may order more specific tests regarding this as well. This will also have to be paid for by you.


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