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Three reasons people have a rhinoplasty

Why do people want to have a rhinoplasty?

three reasons that people have a rhinoplasty


Contrary to popular belief, nose jobs aren’t just for cosmetic reasons. Expert nose surgeon Sarah Little, explains three reasons why people consider a rhinoplasty and why nose jobs aren’t just for cosmetic reasons.

The three reasons people have a rhinoplasty are:

  1. because they want to change the shape of their nose
  2. they want to improve the function of their nose
  3. they need to do improve function and shape of the nose.

The most obvious reason is that someone is concerned about how their nose looks and they would like to change this. The aim of a good rhinoplasty is to provide a harmoniously shaped nose with regards to the other features of the face. Most people seeking nose surgery want a natural look that does not draw attention to itself.

But patients can often have a problem with the function of their nose. This usually comes in the form of breathing problems and sometimes issues with pain. This requires a specific form of rhinoplasty called a septo-rhinoplasty. This where a part of the operation involves correcting the partition between the nostrils, also known as the septum. If the septum is out of line, then this can cause difficulties with breathing. The ‘septo’ part of the operation deals with straightening this area of cartilage. The ‘rhino’ part of the operation deals with reshaping the nose itself, to help straighten it. This helps both function and cosmetic appearance of the nose.

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Quite often, patients with a deviated septum only need to have a septoplasty, as the shape of their nose hasn’t been affected by the misaligned cartilage. However, septoplasties are frequently carried out with other sinus procedures, to alleviate congestion, improve breathing and reduce nose bleeds. You can find out more about different types of sinus surgery by watching my information videos here.


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