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You can also find a great deal of information on our video channel, which covers a wide range of topics, including chin surgery, eye surgery, facial feminisation surgery, facial rejuvenation surgery, facial surgery, jaw surgery, nose surgery, salivary gland procedures, sinus surgery, skin cancer and tonsillectomy.


Chin implants | Surgery for chin

Chin implants are good for patients who wish to have a moderate increase in chin projection,  but who do not wish or need any alteration in chin height or width, explains Katherine George   We can place chin implants through a small incision under the chin. This means there will be a scar under the chin, … Continued

Which type of genioplasty is best for me?

  Katherine George discusses how decisions are made about the type of Genioplasty you may need.   People seek advice for surgery to their chin for many reasons and at all ages. Chin surgery is also know as a Genioplasty, explains expert surgeon Katherine George You may feel that your chin or jaw is either too small … Continued

Liplift surgery with Caroline Mills

Top lip lift surgeon Caroline Mills, discusses the different types of liplift surgery available. Liplift surgery is a minor surgical procedure that can reshape and add volume to thin or aging lips. The procedure can help increase fullness, usually in the upper lip, by reshaping it to increase the prominence of the upper lip line, … Continued

Facelift Surgery Risks

Here at our clinic, we believe that managing expectations for facelift surgery, including facelift surgery risks, is very important.   Facelift surgery tightens all the tissues of the SMAS layer and the skin as well. In the immediate post-operative period, these tissues will feel quite tight and very lifted. We know that in the first … Continued

Face lift Surgery

Leading face lift surgery expert, Miss Caroline Mills discusses     A face lift is a term which covers different types of procedures, which are mainly aimed at lifting the tissues of the face. When you read about face lift surgery, you’ll read about things like a SMAS face lift, a mini face lift, a max … Continued

Chin Surgery | What does it involve?

       Chin surgery expert Katherine George explains:   Chin surgery, is also known as a genioplasty. It is a very versatile operation to alter the shape of the chin. It usually involves making a cut in the bone of the chin beneath where the teeth are, and then we can move the chin … Continued

What is orthognathic surgery?

Jaw specialist Caroline Mills explains: What is orthognathic surgery?   Orthognathic jaw surgery is usually undertaken in patients who have got a disproportion in their jaws, which causes a problem with the way they bite their teeth together. You might have a small jaw where your lower jaw is set back and you’ve got a … Continued