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Is rhinoplasty a painful operation?

Nose Specialist, Sarah Little discusses:

Is rhinoplasty a painful operation


‘Rhinoplasty isn’t a terribly painful operation, it’s much less painful than most people imagine it would be ‘

This is generally my answer, when people ask me, is rhinoplasty a painful operation? We usually like you to take regular paracetamol and some other intermediate level painkillers. Most people find they need to take them for about a week following surgery. The first three or four days they should be taken regularly and then the second week as and when they are needed. I usually give people some antibiotics for the first few days after surgery to prevent infection, and this is usually a penicillin-based antibiotic. And finally, I always give people a short course of steroid tablets in a low dose. These are designed to help with swelling, but they’re not a high enough dose to cause any side effects. They just help with the bruising and swelling to resolve.


When you first wake up after your surgery, if it’s been quite a long anaesthetic, you’ll feel quite sleepy. You will have a little bit of a nose bleed for the first few hours. And we usually give you a little bandage to put under the nose to help with that. You’ll be a bit bruised and puffy, and I think it’s helpful to either put some ice-packs there or a nice gel face pad to help with the swelling. Most people can go home the same day. Occasionally, we do the surgery in the evening and you’d need to stay the night, but in general, most rhinoplasties we can be performed as a day case. You will need someone to help you home. It is normal to have a little bit of a nose bleed in the first 24 hours, and that settles down over the first couple of days usually. For the first week, I like people just to have a quiet time at home. It’s a good idea to sleep with a few extra pillows at 45 degrees as this helps the swelling.


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